Sydney Ross Singer head shot

What Women Must Know – The Bra and Breast Cancer Connection with Syd Singer

The Bra and Breast Cancer Connection with Syd Singer

Sydney Ross Singer is a medical anthropologist, director of the Institute for the Study of Culturogenic Disease, and a pioneer of Applied Medical Anthropology. Using his training in medicine, biochemistry, and anthropology, Sydney, along with his co-researcher and wife Soma, have made numerous groundbreaking discoveries into the cultural causes of disease. They became breast cancer researchers when Soma discovered a lump in her breast, and performed the world’s first study into the link between bras and breast cancer, published in the book, Dressed to Kill. For 30 years, Sydney and Soma have been warning women about the hazards of bras, with dozens of studies internationally now confirming the bra-cancer link. Their work has transformed the bra industry and the culture, and has saved millions of women from experiencing breast pain, cysts, and cancer.