What Women Must Know – Daniel Reverse Heart Disease Naturally with Dr. Michelle Honda – 04.13.17

Michelle Honda, Ph.D. is a holistic doctor who specializes in disease reversal through the employment of natural medicine and clinical nutrition. Within two years of finishing her Ph.D., Michelle opened a Holistic Health Clinic with her husband,called Renew You Holistic Health (www.renewyou.ca) in Ancaster, Ontario, Canada, where she conducts her private practice.

The author of the innovative book Reverse Gut Disease Naturally, Michelle to the welfare of mankind and the preservation of the environment. Her success in full disease reversal of intestinal complaints is unprecedented, and she has developed a reputation for being an expert in the field of applied natural medicine and clinical nutrition.

Michelle has applied this same expertise to Reverse Heart Disease Naturally, as well as the forthcoming latest series addition ‘Reverse Inflammation Naturally’ to be released May 2017. Michelle is passionate about sharing the sort of knowledge that offers the power of personal choice, enabling others to restore, renew and rejuvenate themselves.



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