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The Working Life Podcast With Jonathan Tasini – UBER & LYFT ARE BAD, BAD COMPANIES; BIG UNION WIN AT THE LATIMES! – 01.25.18

Yeah, I get it: you like Uber and Lyft because it’s the “new thing” in the app-centered corporate world. But, know this: Uber and Lyft are very bad corporate actors, stomping around the country, using right-wing, anti-consumer, anti-union tactics, to trash fundamental rights in every state—as I learn from Rebecca Smith, co-author of an incredible study about the nefarious tactics the two companies use.

I also circle back to hear the voice of joy of Carolina Miranda, in the wake of a smashing victory in the union organizing effort she helped lead at the Los Angeles Times.

In our last segment, I chat up Derrick Crowe, a progressive candidate running for Congress in Texas’s 21st District.

Our Robber Baron is Bank of America CEO Brian Moynihan who wants to make poor people even poorer.